Welcome to the World of Felicity Fly (Book 1)

Welcome to the World of Felicity Fly (Book 1)
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Product Information

Felicity Fly is a children's book based on childhood fears, for ages four to six. The book introduces characters Felicity Fly, William Washing Machine, Simon Spider, Willamena Woodlouse, Moey Mouse and Sissy Silverfish. These are all creatures and appliances you will find around the home. The book talks about fears children may have, the dark, loud noises from domestic appliances, spiders and creatures around the home. All stories about Felicity Felicity Fly rhyme.

There will be six altogether in the series. The book also comes with a CD recording of the story, which introduces children to different accents and helps them understand that people can be different in the way they speak and not just in appearance. The book is aimed at trying to make children feel that they are not alone when they fear something that it is ok and acceptable to have fears and that we all have different ways of dealing with this.