Sloe Gold Whisky Liqueur: 5cl

Sloe Gold Whisky Liqueur: 5cl
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Product Information

A unique flavour, Raisthorpe’s Sloe Gold Whisky is made using quality selected blends of malt and grain whiskies, sloes and sugar. With a high concentration of sloes to Whisky, tasting predominantly of aromatic cherry from the sloes, a touch of smokiness from the whisky with a good gentle burn, super rounded finish.

It is great as an after dinner digestif or as a warming shot on a winters day and can be used in cocktails and wonderful added to Ginger ale. The impact is perfectly pleasant!!! Delicious.

Ingredients: Whisky, sugar and ripened juicy sloes

Alcohol: 27.7% vol

Awards: Great Taste 1 Gold Star 2014 & Great Taste 1 Gold Star 2015


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